Bercol Fly Trap

gps_not_fixed The Bercol Fly-Trap is a unique and practical means of controlling flies. Simple in design and principle, but very effective, the trap uses no pesticides or chemicals. It is therefore ozone friendly and environmentally sound. The trap and bait is 100% organic and ecofriendly.
bug_report Bercol Fly Bait, a protein based product, is specifically designed for use in the Bercol Fly-Trap. The bait is placed within the trap. Once mixed with water, the only other ingredient, a natural reaction takes place and within a few days the trap begins to attract a large number of flies. Once in the trap, the flies are unable to escape.
cached When the catch rate slows, more water can be added. Once full, the contents can be easily disposed of. The trap can then be rinsed and is ready for re-use.

The Enemy

The common house fly is accountable for more fatalities, debilitating diseases, and more human suffering throughout the third world than any other disease carrier. The fly thrives in a dirty, germ infested environment and is therefore responsible for transmitting several deadly disease causing organisms dangerous to both man and animal. The house fly, throughout the world, and more notably Africa, is the vector of many human pathogens such as bacillary dysentery, typhoid fever, cholera, salmonellosis, anthrax, leprosy, yaws, trachoma, poliomyelitis, infectious hepatitis, and parasitic worms.

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